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What do you want to learn about digital media and marketing?

Digital Chameleon continues to ramp up our online learning content.  In addition to our new Jump Start Social Media elearning series, we’re also working on Mobile courses.

Let us know what other topics you think we should develop into courses – video? DSPs? – and we’ll give you 50% off an online course of your choice!

Submit your ideas to info@digitalchameleon.net or via Twitter

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Earn while you learn with Digital Fast Track!

The latest edition of the Australia/NZ version of our foundational Digital Fast Track course includes a new virtual reality game called, “A Day in the Life,” available to Digital Chameleon course subscribers.

Once you’ve been through the course, play the game and put your new skills into practice!  You’ll spend time with each of the topics covered in the course: online audience measurement, online campaign measurement, buy & selling digital media, online campaign measurement, campaign objectives, search and social media.

Finish the game and submit your results, and you’ll enter our quarterly draw to win an Amazon gift voucher worth US$100.

Patty Keegan

Digital Chameleon

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Building your business with Facebook pages

With a user base of over 600 million, 10 million of whom are Australians, Facebook is definitely mainstream and is becoming harder for marketers to ignore.

You may have a Facebook Profile for your personal life; Facebook Pages are for brands and businesses. In April, Facebook Studio published a guide outlining the best tools and principles for marketers to build a presence and run campaigns on Facebook, called, “Building your business with Facebook Pages.”

I’m not saying that you can build a Facebook Page and then tick the box that you’ve got social media covered. Your social strategy should include more than Facebook, and your Facebook strategy should include more than simply putting up a page. You’ll need to continually manage your presence and give people reasons for “Liking” your brand, interacting, sharing, and coming back for more.

Facebook’s guide will give you some tips on what that entails. It outlines the three core phases of a marketing program on Facebook: Build, Engage, Amplify. Build is the first step, including Facebook Pages and apps enabling you to reach an audience on Facebook; as well as social plugins allowing you to extend connections and conversations to your website.

Engage is about using the touchpoints established in the Build phase to engage and grow your audience – for example, publishing relevant content on a regular basis, and engaging in conversations with your fans.

Amplify is about extending your reach through social networks via both earned (via the news feed), and paid (via Facebook ads) audiences.

The Guide covers best practice in terms of tailoring campaigns to your specific business objectives such as innovation and product development, generating awareness, increasing sales, loyalty/relationship building, word of mouth, feedback, generating awareness, etc. There are examples of where these strategies have worked using specific tools and applications.

For more on Facebook, see Digital Chameleon’s Social Media Platforms course.

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